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House Tour: Bret and Amy Baier's Georgetown Home

So, how does a Chief White House Correspondent live? Turns out, pretty well. This house tour invited us inside Fox News' Bret Baier and his wife Amy's traditional yet modern Georgetown condo. We were immediately taken with the mix of clean lines, color moments and eclectic antiques. Our favorite piece? Tie between the sculptural side table from a Parisian flea market and the marble topped antique end table bought right in Georgetown. These unique finds helped add visual interest and personality to an otherwise ordinary space.

More so than style, we appreciated this home for its excellent solutions to common household issues. Need to hide that flat screen? Bret and Amy hid theirs behind a piece of artwork that automatically rolls up once the television is turned on. She got her elegant living room and he got a gadget that makes him feel slightly like "James Bond." Does your house lack an abundance of natural light? Add a mirrored wall. Not only do the mirrors reflect more natural light around the space, but it makes the Baier's excellent river view visible from anywhere in the room. Have you run out of storage space? Use built-ins. As Amy and Bret showed, they hide clutter and electronics very effectively, while at the same time providing a focal point for a room. And finally, how do you deal with an extremely large room? Bret and Amy's condo had a large space that blended the kitchen into the living room and dining room. Fixing this problem is all about furniture arrangement. The back of one living room couch acted as a room divider, separating the dining room, and wall color and rugs did the rest.

What did you think of Bret and Amy's Washington D.C. place? One last thing we couldn't help but notice were Amy's fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes...in such a fantastically organized closet they were easy to pick out!

*Note: At the time of this video, Bret Baier was the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News. He has since become the anchor of Special Report with Bret Baier.