House Tour: A Converted Power Plant Is Transformed Into An Eclectic Home

Surprisingly, it originally provided power to a short-lived Swiss-Italian utopian commune.

Most potential homeowners would deem a converted power plant located in a floodplain, a fire zone and on an active earthquake fault a risky investment, but one buyer found it worth the gamble. Todd R. Cole, designer and owner of Strata Landscape Architecture, transformed this property with a surprising history into an eclectic home. Our friends at California Home + Design have shared this amazing house tour with us.

Originally a grist mill and then a PG&E steam-power plant built to provide power to a short-lived Swiss-Italian utopian commune, Cole purchased the home after Arthur William Foster III, a well-known banker, first converted it into his residence fifty years ago. The new owner paintakingly restored it, making sure to add orginal touches, like authentic PG&E signage. Now the space represents a wide range of styles, combining mid-century designs, old-world charm and flea market finds.

Head over to California Home + Design for the full story and more inspirational images.

House Tour

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