Housebites Delivers Food And Dirty Dishes To People Who Don't Cook

Restaurant Delivers Food And Dirty Dishes To 'Fake Cooks'

There are people too lazy to wash the dishes, and then there are people too lazy to even dirty them to begin with.

The latter appears to be the target demographic for the new delivery service from the UK-based restaurant Housebites.

Shortlist found this gem of a press release explaining that Housebites now offers its customers the option of pretending "they have slaved away at a hot stove more convincingly by delivering dirty pans alongside the food."

"Cooked by a professional chef and delivered to your door, Housebites main courses cost on average between £10 and £12, and now for an additional £5, customers can request the pans used to cook them for added authenticity," the release says.

Just make sure your friends don't catch you sheepishly handing the dirty dishes back to the Housebites delivery people, or your clever -- or almost criminally slothful -- plot will be foiled.

The release says Housebites got the idea for their new service from Twitter and Facebook users who begged them to deliver dirty dishes to their door.

They've even added a £2.50 refund for people who take the time to clean their faux-dishes.

And this isn't an option chosen by any old anonymous fake chef, pop star Lilly Allen not only uses the "dirty dishes" service, she tweets about it, according to the release.

Housebites CEO Simon Prockter explained why the idea is so popular in the release, saying, "As Housebites provides home cooked food, we had a number of customers contact us after ordering to say they had pretended to cook the meal themselves. When a few of them requested we deliver the dirty pans alongside the meal 'for authenticity' we thought it could be a useful service, especially for those less adept in the kitchen, looking to impress.”

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