Housewarming Gifts From Target To Ensure You Get Invited Back

Sure, you can bring a candle. Or you can wow them with one of these 10 picks.
Hosting gifts from Target
Hosting gifts from Target

Having guests in a new space is nerve-wracking — so if someone invites you over to their home, it’s nice to come with a little token of appreciation. But if you don’t know how they’re decorating their space, what should you bring?

It can be hard to shop for a great hosting or housewarming gift when you’re unsure of someone’s taste or interior design preferences, so it’s best to keep your choice affordable and universally chic (and always include a gift receipt in case your present doesn’t land).

Keep reading to find 10 housewarming gifts from Target that check all of these boxes. The thoughtful gesture will definitely ensure you get invited back.

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A magnolia-scented diffuser
Walking into a room with the sweet, floral smell of magnolia wafting over you is instantly soothing. A diffuser with a clean aesthetic, like this one, will fit in with any design style.
A tasseled woven basket
Part of moving into a new place is figuring out where the heck to store everything. A woven basket is a great place to stash odds and ends and doubles as a decor item. For a next-level gift idea, fill it with essentials they’ll use, like dish soap, paper towels and cleaning supplies.
A graphic wine chiller
Bringing wine to someone’s house is pretty much expected. What will set you apart from the other guests is bringing a chic chiller along with your bottle. Your host will put this to use immediately.
A textured woven throw
A throw blanket is an especially nice housewarming gift if your friend has invited you over for a cozy movie night or to hang out on their patio. This gray and ivory woven blanket has enough going on to make it interesting, yet it’s subtle enough to fit in with any home decor.
A stoneware cake stand
Bringing dessert? Present your creation on this colorful cake stand — and let them keep it as an extra treat. You could say that a gift this good takes the, well, you know.
Tonal cotton dish towels
Is it even possible to have too many dish towels? These are 100 percent cotton and super absorbent. Don’t be surprised if your friend thinks they’re too pretty to use on any actual spills.
A classic wooden chess set
Chess sets are one of the few games that double as a decor item. (You don’t see many people leaving out Sorry or Twister for aesthetic reasons.) If you want to impress your host, a creative gift like this is the ultimate checkmate.
An eye-catching coffee table book
Bringing a coffee table book as a housewarming gift says you’re both cultured and thoughtful. With an index of over 600 different artists, it might inspire your friend to go in a new direction with their home decor.
A steel cheese set with a boho feel
Going over for wine and cheese at your friend’s new place? Gifting a cheese tool set will be a nice touch. Made with steel and detailed with woven handles, this three-piece set looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.
A minimal, modern serving tray
A serving tray is a classy — and useful — way to elevate parties, breakfast in bed, or dress up a room. It’s one of those items that someone might not think to buy themself, but will definitely appreciate once it becomes part of their routine.

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