Houston Captives UPDATE: Four Women Also Found In Home Where 'Prison Room' Was Revealed, Police Say

Police say four women were living in the same home where four men were being held captive inside a "prison room."

It's unclear whether the women were living in the Texas home or being held against their will, the Houston Chronicle reports. On Friday morning, police found four men -- ages 54, 65, 74 and 79 -- living in "deplorable" conditions inside a locked, converted garage filled with trash and waste. An initial investigation revealed that the men may have been homeless and were lured there with cigarettes and beer in exchange for their Social Security cards and Veteran's Administration checks.

The four women were living in the other side of the converted duplex in apparently normal conditions, investigators told KHOU. Three of them appeared to suffer from mental illness, and the fourth was a caretaker.

One person was reportedly detained, though it's unclear whether that person will face charges.

All four of the men, three of whom couldn't walk, were taken to area hospitals for treatment. The fourth, who seemed healthier yesterday, was briefly interviewed by police. He told investigators that the victims were given very little to eat and held captive for varying lengths of time. One of the victims reportedly said he'd been staying in the house for six months.

Police are still trying to determine the ages and identities of the women, CNN reports. Three of them suffer from physical disabilities and mental illness, cops told CNN. The fourth was identified as a caregiver.

Few details were immediately available because all of the unnamed victims were receiving medical treatment.



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