Waiter At Lorenzo's, Houston Restaurant, Defends Boy With Down Syndrome, Refuses To Serve Table

Server Stands Up For Boy With Down Syndrome

It's rare that a story applauds rude waiters. But sometimes, it seems, rude patrons deserve it.

Such was the case at Laurenzo's Prime Rib, a restaurant in Houston, Texas, when regulars Kim Castillo and her 5-year-old son, Milo, sat down for dinner. Milo has Down syndrome, reports Houston's 29-95 blog, and while he can be distracting, his mom says, he isn't obnoxious.

"Tonight was a first," Castillo wrote in a Facebook post. "A family of 4 asked to be moved from the booth next to us. As it turns out they told the waiter, 'Special needs kids should be kept in special places.'"

Upon hearing this insult, explains Castillo, "The waiter promptly told them he was offended by their comment and refused to serve them." The family soon left the restaurant entirely.

After the story gained traction on 29-95 and The Consumerist, Laurenzo's Facebook wall has been flooded with positive comments.

Kudos to that waiter. Kudos to your entire waitstaff. And Kudos to the management. Many managers would've been unhappy to see paying customers walk out the door, no matter what the circumstances. My highest respect for all of your staff, for putting people above money.

The Huffington Post contacted Lorenzo's for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

Unfortunately, not all stories related to Down syndrome and customer service have such a heartwarming ending.

In September, a California family looking to fly first class on American Airlines said they were "singled out" and "humiliated" after the airline deemed their 16-year-old son, who has Down syndrome, a "flight risk."

Instead, the airline booked them seats on a United Airlines flight, in the last row of the plane.

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