Hoverboard Fails: The 5 Humiliating Lessons We’ve Learned

The hoverboard is one of the most exciting advances in personal transportation. Whether it’s a child zipping joyfully down the street or a trendy professional gliding into their next meeting, it’s clear that we are living in the future. Unfortunately, the common hoverboard is not as harmless as it looks. This wheeled little monster has been teaching people a few harsh lessons. Today, we’re going to show you the top 5 hilarious examples of the hoverboard’s relentless taste for humility.

Lesson 5: Sometimes, The Old-Fashioned Way Was Better


There are certain services that are essential in our society. The police force is one of those services. When there is a citizen in need, the police need to be able to respond quickly to provide whatever help they can. In this video, members of the police force are completing training to use a new piece of technology. The Segway, the hoverboard’s older brother, was supposed to be faster and easier to use than the common police bicycle. Apparently, the rigorous training they go through in police academy didn’t involve having to keep your balance while standing up. For the sake of citizens everywhere, let’s hope the police force just stuck with the bikes.

Lesson 4: You’re On Your Own


Although this is a prank, the result says a lot about our society. This guy cruises around a grocery store with the help of his trusty hoverboard. Drawing the attention of everyone around him, he crashes time and time again, each fall looking a little nastier than the last. Despite the path of destruction left in his wake, very few people take a moment to help him out. Society, take note: when you have a spell of your own, don’t expect anyone to help you.

Lesson 3: Know Your Limit


If you’ve followed the Olympics, you’ll know that humanity is capable of some incredible feats. It’s important not to forget the years of vigorous and specialized training these athletes went through. This person must have been feeling inspired when she attempted her own little circus act. Unfortunately, the hoverboard was quick to show her the error of her ways. Next time you feel like challenging yourself, remember that improvement is a gradual process.

Lesson 2: Nobody is Invincible


Mike Tyson is one of the toughest and most respected boxers in the industry. Some of the most aggressive men in the world have spent years training in preparation for a fight, only to be defeated in the ring. But despite his incredible track record, who would have thought that the innocent little hoverboard would turn out to be the one opponent he couldn’t defeat. Let this be a lesson to everyone:  nobody is invincible.

Lesson 1: You Get What You Pay for


With all the important things we’ve learned today, what is the most important lesson that the hoverboard has taught us? There is one specific event that has occurred countless times to consumers in every part of the globe. In our capitalist nation, we’re always hunting for a bargain. Finding an incredible deal on a product we’ve wanted for ages provides us with a sense of euphoria. But we need to remember to be careful. If a deal comes along that seems too good to be true, it probably is. The prevalence of inexpensive, exploding hoverboard’s sold on eBay mean that consumers all over the world have learned an expensive lesson on the value of quality.