So Many People Are Falling Off Hoverboards On Video

It's not child's play.

Hoverboards were among the most popular gifts to give this holiday season.

But not everyone can get to grips with the futuristic self-balancing scooters.

Multiple people are posting videos of their parents, siblings, friends and even Santa Claus struggling to stand up straight on the devices.

They all take painful-looking tumbles in the clips that were filmed over Christmas and now going viral online. Thankfully, none appear to be seriously injured.

The risk of falling off adds to previous fears that the hoverboard could catch fire. Their flammability led to Amazon removing many, but not all, brands from its website earlier this month.

The Twitter account @HoverBoardFalls is also chronicling the emerging trend of people eating dirt after falling off the gadgets.

Special mention must go to this woman, however, who tried to do a handstand on a hoverboard. It didn't exactly go as planned:

Happy -- and safe -- hoverboarding, everyone!

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