How 5 Wasted Minutes is Crippling Your Business

Making it Easy to Share Content Pays Big Dividends

Five minutes is no big deal, right? You can’t even bake a frozen pizza in that amount of time. But when it comes to business, where speed is critical to get to market first, five wasted minutes adds up to big losses in productivity.

The average employee attends about 62 meetings a month. Yet, the first five minutes of each business meeting, or about five hours per employee per month, are wasted looking for an appropriate adapter, a connecting device or a cable to share content. And when the presenter is on a client site, the next phase of the obstacle course brings another surprise: not having IT permission to share content on the client’s network. Access denied! Plus, everyone’s using a different operating system and device, adding further complication to the mix. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “Oh, it works on PC but not on a Mac…”

In business parlance, the “five-minute meeting tax”—or however long people spend grappling with technology— is pervasive. But it’s not harmless. Time is money and every lost minute takes a big bite out of business productivity and your competitive edge. Time’s a wastin’, and with it, your employees’ window of opportunity to collaborate on how to get new ideas to market.

The clock is ticking on this time-draining business practice. Tussling with technology to share content is becoming a thing of the past, and we’ll soon look back on it with amusement in the same way we currently remember fax machines. New solutions such as Polycom Pano allow workers to share at work with ease from any device, eliminating the need for cables, dongles and pucks.

Making it easy is not just about going wireless. It’s about embracing all the variables involved in the consumerization of IT and making the solution work for any circumstances. Consumers—your employees—have the power and choice to use a laptop, tablet or mobile device at work, whether seated in a cubicle or hotdesking from Starbucks, in a conference room on video or traditional audio, connecting one-to-one, or one-to-many. In a recent Polycom survey of 25,000 remote workers, 61% indicate they believe that having the right technology would solve any issues remote workers may face. And they are right—you need the right tech to make it easy to work from anywhere, anyhow.

Making it easy is about making content-sharing technology compatible with popular consumer software such as AirPlay and Miracast that employees use in their personal lives, then fusing that familiarity with enterprise-grade security to protect sensitive business content that’s broadcasted to screens and video meetings. In other words, employees can share their PowerPoint slides, videos, blueprints, moodboards and other content with the ease of sharing photos from their phones, but with layers of over-the-air encryption security.

Making it easy is about using content sharing technology that plays nicely with modern display devices such touchscreens, another feature that people everywhere, including your employees, are accustomed to swiping, pinching, panning, and…sharing. Believe it or not, personal devices in your employees’ pockets are usually the latest and greatest. Why not use this to your company’s advantage? Simplify the process with easy content sharing technology while doubling down on annotation and endless whiteboarding features.

Companies everywhere are taking a stand against content-sharing hassles that steal valuable time from their teams. Are you still paying the five-minute meeting tax?

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