How '60s Protesters Feel About (Finally) Voting For A Woman President

Attention all bra-burners, war protesters, and flower children: What do you think?

On this, the day of reckoning in the Mother of All Elections, we appear to be on the verge of electing our first woman president. We asked our HuffPost50 Facebook followers this:

Attention all bra-burners, war protesters, and ‘60s children in fact or spirit: Did you ever think you would see the day we’d elect a woman president? Let us know how you feel about this milestone in history.

We are all kind of giddy, but here are some of the best responses.

Katina Z. Jones wrote, “When I was a little girl, my Greek immigrant grandfather would bounce me on his knee and say, ‘You’re gonna be the first woman president.’ I am president of my own company, but I always hoped I’d have the chance to vote for a strong, qualified woman in my lifetime. Today is the day that history will be made. Voting for Obama both times made me feel so proud, but this time it was even more personal.” 

Reader Cathy Tulina says it is “very encouraging to remove another obstacle for my daughters to pursue their goals without limitations.” She added though that she did not “vote gender nor did I vote race, but both choices have been spot on good ones.”

Glenda Stansbury expressed a view that we’ve been hearing a lot in the run-up to the election. She said that she has “spent so much time and energy warding off the vile swamp that is Trump and being involved in all of his antics,” that she almost missed the momentousness of the occasion. “I really didn’t stop to think about the historic step we are taking today,” she said. “Yes, I marched for the ERA and protested for women’s rights. Yes I had all the t-shirts in the ‘70s that said: ‘A woman’s place is in the House and Senate’.” She noted, “Even then, we didn’t have a t-shirt that said a woman’s place was in the White House.”

“I’m sorry that the angst and anger of this election has overshadowed the amazing and intrepid fortitude of this woman who has survived so much for all of us. Now, we can sit back and be overwhelmed with the power of the day,” Stansbury said.

Jack Shaver provided this male perspective: “Most qualified person to run for President and she just happens to be a woman ― Hillary Clinton.” He added this as well, “[She is also the] most-honest most-vetted [with] $7 million taxpayer dollars spent on seven intelligence committees, FBI investigation and they got nothing.” He concluded, “Get informed not just opinionated.”

And from Binnie Klein: “At a pre-election eve prayer service last night, we were asked to line the walls and hold hands in a circle. We sang “We shall overcome.” I think the last time I sang that in a group WAS in the 60s!”

Not everyone thought that Hillary Clinton was the best choice, of course. And a few readers wondered why gender even mattered. But what you just heard, ladies and gents, was the sound of the glass ceiling shattering.



Hillary Clinton Was Every Woman