How 7 B2B Companies Align Sales & Marketing

How 7 B2B Companies Align Sales & Marketing
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Next week marks the arrival of Aligned 2017, a free virtual summit that runs from May 22-26 and features over 50 exclusive video keynotes, presentations, interviews and Q&A’s with today’s top B2B sales and marketing minds.

If you love free, on-demand expertise - then head over to the event registration page right now. Because the 7 real-world examples of successful sales & marketing alignment profiled in this article are roughly only 14% of the sessions you’ll gain access to via Aligned.

7 Real-World Examples of B2B Sales-Marketing Alignment

Complex initiatives like sales & marketing alignment can confound even the most seasoned B2B front office executives.

For all the lip service that’s been paid to alignment, many companies are reticent to pull back the curtain and reveal the internal strategies that have driven their success.

For Aligned 2017, event co-hosts Sales Hacker, HubSpot, Sweet Fish Media, Ambition, and Engagio sought out front office executives steering the ship at high-growth B2B companies. Then we asked them to share the most pivotal strategies, tools, and principles that helped them align their sales, marketing and service teams to drive growth.

Here are 7 high-level synopses below - spanning multiple industries, roles, and company sizes.

Session: How AMX Used Sales Ops to Grow Revenue from $200k to $25M in 2 Years

Guest: Jared Moore. Vice-President.

Growth: Grew annual revenue from $0-$25M over 4 years.

Tip: “Transparency has been our number one growth driver at AMX. It impacts everything we do.”

Session: Bringing on Sales Ops: The First 120 Days at a High Growth Company

Guest: Will Clarke. Revenue Operations.

Growth: Surpassed $10M ARR with 8 person sales force.

Tip: “Publish goals transparently. Never make assumptions. Actively collaborate across the aisle.”

Session: How to Create a Data-Driven Sales Culture

Guest: Thomas Watanapun. Sales Director.

Growth: Helping grow West Coast sales team headcount 15% since December 2016.

Tip: “Automate prospecting. Codify goals and processes. Enforce via KPI visibility.”

Session: How Kenco Creates Meaningful Sales Analytics to Drive Rep Activity

Guest: Andrew Lockwood. Sr. Manager Analytics & Solutions Design.

Growth: 45% increase in bottom-line margin to start 2017.

Tip: “Compel growth by creating positive feedback loops for key behaviors.”

Session: Fundamentals of Data-Driven Sales & Marketing Alignment

Guest: Lena Shaw. Director of Marketing & Growth.

Growth: Grew sales team headcount 14% since May 2015.

Tip: “Alignment is about setting the pace - how fast sales and marketing can move in sync.”

Session: How Next Caller Grew Revenue 40% for 16 Consecutive Months

Guest: Jeff Kirchick. Vice-President of Enterprise Sales.

Growth: 40% monthly revenue growth since Q1 of 2016.

Tip: “Narrow the scope of outbound targeting to maximize funnel velocity and success rate.”

Session: How Inc 5000 Companies Align BDRs, Brokers, & Operations

Guest: Trent Roberts. Vice-President of Strategy & Administration

Growth: Increased 2017 margin by 3% after 237% revenue growth in 2016.

Tip: “Data visibility across functions, locations and data systems is the key to unlocking growth.”

Get More B2B Success Stories at Aligned 2017

Register for Aligned 2017 to access on-demand video sessions with more B2B front office executives and see how companies like Prezi, HubSpot, and Callidus Cloud align their sales and marketing functions.

Also included in the 50 video sessions: go-to strategies from industry-leading consultants like John Barrows and Jill Konrath, interviews with industry provocateurs like Tucker Max, and a very special keynote with the one-and-only Gary Vaynerchuk.

Aligning your B2B sales and marketing organizations is a tough undertaking. Today’s time-strapped business leaders need all the help you can get.

Co-opt proven strategies like the 7 examples above to shorten your team’s path to success.

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