How A Business Coach Can Help You See The Light

When real death comes knocking, believe me when I say that your life will literally flash before your eyes. I speak from recent experience. 
There is a blinding bright “light” as you are about to go, and that light shines on all the important moments that got you to this point. Teetering on the line between life and death is by no means fun, but taken seriously, it can elevate you to a whole new way of peaceful living.
When I forget this, my business coach is right there reminding me that life is short. His name is Shawn. He makes me accountable to my goals to an annoying degree. How well he knows me is downright scary. But when all is said and done, he should be an expert on Jess. That’s what a coach does.
People may scoff at the idea of hiring what seems like an unnecessary expense, but I firmly believe that everyone should have one, especially when they are first starting out in entrepreneurship. I know I’ve dodged a lot of business bullets by having an experienced and successful mentor at my disposal.
My ideas that have sat idle and dismissed are now coming to life. The tough conversations happen regularly. Action has to be made or I’ll have to face what I’ve tried so long to ignore: the voice telling me what I’m sacrificing by NOT giving 100 per cent to my vision.
If all this isn’t enough, because of his leadership my mind is more at peace. Now I am living a life filled with dignity, respect, and no regrets. The business of coaching is just like any other: there are some great people doing important work with you and others out to make a quick buck at your expense. 
Be sure to find a coach who:
  • Is picky when it comes to choosing clients. It’s all about connection and some people don’t fit.
  • Needs to know about your past and your personality at every level.
  • Your coach’s knowledge of your habits should have you baffled.
  • Has a coach! How can someone claim to believe in the power of coaching without having one? Think about it.
Do your research. Date around.

You never know, you just might find the person that will help you see the light.
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