How This Cat Saved Her Owner's Life

Sometimes a "meow" can save a life.

Nefer Khepri was in the thick of her finals at Northwestern University, weeks away from graduating, when she was struck ill with a severe bronchial infection.

She'd been sleeping at her family home to receive care while she ailed, but unforeseeable disaster came in the middle of the night -- and it was her cat Ringo who saved the day, she recounted in a HuffPost Live conversation on Wednesday. 

"At night I was heavily medicated so I could sleep, so I wasn't waking up for anything," Khepri told host Nancy Redd. "Evidently that night, I slipped off my pillows. I was laying on my back, and... I started choking. I was so drugged, so I couldn't wake up."

Her feline friend sensed that something was wrong -- and was right. Khepri's bronchial infection had created postural drainage, and subsequently blocked airways.

The cat ran into her parents' room and started "howling," said Khepri, who heard the story from her dad once she regained consciousness. "It was about 2 o'clock in the morning."

"My dad was like, 'Ringo, get out of here!' and Ringo would not shut up," she continued. "So dad finally thought maybe there's something wrong with the daughter. Sure enough, I was turning blue. My dad had to sit me up and pound me on the back so I could cough the stuff out and clean my airway."

"And that is how Ringo save my life," she concluded.

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