How a Comedienne Finds Her Funny

Karachi, Pakistan has been getting a lot of press over these past years. Unfortunately, this media attention has little to do with their cosmopolitan landscape, economic prominence or cultural diversity in South Asia. As a native Pakistani, Mona Shaikh came to live in New Jersey at the age of 15 where she was subjected to a typical family dynamic as the only girl in a family with four brothers. The community was not always so welcoming to their exotic presence, especially peers in school who can often be so cruel. How Mona dealt with these pressures were often by seeing the humor in these situations, a perspective that has served this now successful comedienne well. She continues to take the comedy world by storm setting a number of "firsts" that include: First Pakistani female to head the Hollywood Improv; Fist Pakistani female to produce her own show at the World Famous Comedy Store, and the list continues to grow.