I Refused to Get Off the StairMaster

I have no problem proving people wrong. I am glad I was able to today.
09/08/2014 01:04pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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It is no secret that I have gained some weight this year. If you do not believe me, ask my pants that no longer fit.

I lost over 200 pounds six years ago and have kept most of it off. I still struggle.

Then this year I gained some back. About 50 pounds. I usually have to gain everything back to change my ways so I am happy I caught myself. About a month ago I realized that I did not ever want to be 400 pounds again. I do not want to be overweight. So I got back on track.

I have been on track for a month but still have more work to do. I am happy with the results so far and will be at my lowest weight by the end of the year.

Working out has not been an issue for me. I will admit I have gotten slower, but I still work out at least six times a week. The thing is, I stopped going on my favorite machine, the StairMaster. Not sure why I stopped using the machine.

I started back on the machine a few weeks ago. I went for five minutes. I was exhausted. Then 10 the week after. I was able to get back to 20 minutes.

Today my goal was 25 minutes on the StairMaster and then go on the elliptical machine. The gym was busy so I had to wait a few minutes to get an open StairMaster. My gym has four of them. But luckily one opened up.

I got on and started to adjust the speed. I was working out next to a fit woman. Once I got on the machine a woman came over and looked at me. She was curious how long I had on the machine.

Keep in mind I just got on the machine. The woman next to me looked like she was almost done. There was sweat everywhere. She did not ask the woman next to me. She asked me, someone who just got on.

I told her I just got on the machine so I was unsure. She smiled and started walking away. All of the sudden she mouthed to herself "not long."

It bothered me that i was the only person who was asked. I was the largest person on the StairMasters. I was wearing a hoodie when the other women were wearing yoga pants and tank tops.

Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe I was more self conscious about my weight gain. The woman was not rude to my face. maybe she did not lip those words.

I did notice that when I was going she kept looking back at me. She kept waiting for me to get off the machine. It seemed like it was only me.

So I stepped. And stepped. She waited for me to finish but I did not.

After 30 minutes the woman next to me got off. The woman who was waiting finally had a machine.

Except she was not going to get my machine.

I kept stepping and stepping. Sweat was dripping from my face. i looked like I was going to pass out. I refused to stop. Finally the woman who waited "so long" for the machine I was on was finished.

I kept stepping.

Then another woman started to step next to me. I kept going.

Then I realized that after 99 minutes the machine resets.

My goal today was to do 25 minutes.

I went over 100 minutes.

Honestly, I do not look like I can work out for that long right now. I think that if you put me in a room with other gym members I would probably be accused of being the most unfit.

I have no problem proving people wrong. I am glad I was able to today.