How a Few Legendary Rappers and 1 Cool Doctor are Creating Better Health Outcomes for Inner City Kids

Dr. Olajide Williams is a neurologist and a hip hop fan. Doug E. Fresh is an critically-acclaimed rapper and an avid health nut. In 2005, the two paired up to produce "Stroke Ain't No Joke," a song aimed at educating young people about the warning signs of a stroke.

As NationSwell describes, this unlikely collaboration has continued. Hip Hop Public Health is a campaign that uses animation, songs and live performances to educate low-income children and families about healthy living. Since 2008, the group has performed in more than 150 schools, teaching an estimated 44,000 youngsters about strokes, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Hip Hop Health is just one of many modern programs that try and directly counter seemingly-intractable health and education issues in underserved communities. Many pioneers across our country are thinking outside the box to address problems in a fresh way. Let's just hope these solutions have the staying power of hip hop.