How a Four-year-old Taught Me How to Fly

Last week I had the honor to sit across from two beautiful girls who inspired me on a flight. The two girls were sisters, and the older appeared to be approximately four years old, and the younger sister appeared to be two years old. The elder sister seemed to take the younger under her wings to show her the ropes of flying for her first time.

They could not be contained because they were so excited to fly! Their father attempted to distract them multiple times to subdue their talking, laughing, and constant discourse about what it means to "be in the air." From a distance I just smiled and admired their innocence and beauty for appreciating the moment. Before our flight began the father attempted one last time to silence his daughters by giving them games and food.

As soon as our plane started up the runway, both the girls dropped their games and food and leaned over to the window. The eldest beckoned the younger to the window by saying, "Look! Look! We're flying!" As we gradually transitioned into the air she yelled, "We're flying! We're flying! We're on top of the world!" I found myself mesmerized by their sheer joy! For a brief moment the eldest caught me smiling at their adventure and then she immediately sat down. I continued to smile because I wanted to covertly communicate to her that I truly admired her and her sister for honoring their bliss. When she saw that I continued to smile, she hopped right back in the window and started to laugh and point with her sister.

This little girl's interaction resonated me. How many times have we tapped into what we truly want or believe is our bliss, and then we become aware of someone else, cease from being who we are in that moment? For that brief moment that little girl stopped enjoying being herself, but immediately returned to the experience once I affirmed her with a smile.

Her presence was a reminder to embody the courage to be me in any and all situations. The judgment from others can be an anxiety-provoking within our society, but the beauty of Self is so juicy and liberating. She knew this within this moment. The irony of this experience was that while the father attempted to control his daughters "to do" the societal norms: sit still and be a good little girl. His daughter's taught he and I both to live out loud, touch the moment, and kiss the sky! Thankfully, his efforts proved fruitless. As she exclaimed, "We're on top of the world!" And indeed this four year old taught us that, indeed, we are on top of the world.