How a New Kind of Jeans Pulled a New Age of Advertising Out of Its Pockets!

It's a brand new day for the online fashion brand, Myntra. As the advertising world pulls up its socks, realising that people don't just want to be "talked to" anymore, Myntra's outdoor casual-wear brand The Roadster Life Co. has stepped up the game with the launch of their Pocketman Jeans.

How's that done?

1. Find a likeable, outdoorsy-type alpha male, ready for any challenge you can toss at him.

2. Get him in a rugged pair of jeans that are literally designed to carry your world around. (How, you ask? Pocketman Jeans come with a staggering 13 pockets! We can only assume that one of those pockets is for storing a list of things you stored in the other twelve. The jeans also come with special features like belt loops for manly tools, classy suspenders and other surprises.)

3. Ask the intrepid alpha male and his spanking new jeans to spend 48 long hours (non-stop and livestreamed) in a room, with nothing but what he has in his pockets to keep himself going. Did we mention the room comes equipped with live cameras and social media feeds? So you can chat, tweet and interact with the 'Pocketman' in real-time as he performs unique life hacks, cheerworthy acts and holds a conversation with you.

Not surprisingly, the Internet soon went nuts after this "Live Human Experiment starring One Man and His Pockets" splashed online - evidenced by a veritable flood of tweets, posts, photos, comments and hashtags that turned #Pocketmanlive into an instant trending topic. To an audience long-starved of interactive content they could actually participate in, Pocketman represents a shift in the marketing tides. It heralds the beginning of an age where mainstream advertising is finally more inclusive than intrusive.

This feat is the brainchild of new-age media agency Brave New World who dream of changing the course of Indian marketing from intrusive old-world advertising to inclusive interactive storytelling. Their partners in production - the young and ambitious Alamara Films, from Bangalore, India.

You can imagine the smiles on the faces of the Roadster marketing team as they watch the events unfold. As for the rest of us who are watching, we can only hope that Pocketman starts a brand new trend for brands everywhere.

You can follow the #Pocketmanlive experiment online at till its grand conclusion at 3 pm IST, Friday, the 5th of June.