How About This Subversive and Revolutionary Idea? Who's With Me?


From what you read in the newspapers, tabloids and social media these days, someone is shaming someone for something on a daily basis. Serena Williams is shamed (by some) for having a man's body. Caitlyn Jenner is shamed (by some) for transitioning to the opposite sex. Various starlets are shamed for denying themselves solid food. Others are shamed for being overweight. Some are shamed for being cheaters. Others for being gay. Others for being bisexual. Some are shamed for looking old or going under the knife to look younger.

Oh. My. God. Who the hell cares? Really. I have decided to enter a judgment-free zone but not because I am a perfectly judgment-free person but because I am tired of people shaming other people for this, that or the other thing.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not 100 percent judgment-free about people who commit incest, pedophilia, animal cruelty and/or domestic abuse or rape. But on the other hand, I really don't care who you want to have sex with and I won't judge you for your choices (unless you are cheating on my friend who is your wife). We all have our limits.

As for the rest of the people in the world, have it your way. Be whoever you want to be. Eat whatever you want to eat or starve yourself. Paralyze your facial muscles or don't. Eat healthy or eat junk food. Shave your armpits if you want and don't shave them if you don't want. I don't care and I won't judge you. I'll do my thing and you do yours. It's all good.

Before I render an opinion in the future, however, I'm going to ask myself two questions. First, does the act or fact at issue affect me or someone I know? Does it cause me to feel angry or sick to my stomach (such as incest, pedophilia)? And if I can answer those two questions in the negative, then I am not going to pass judgment.

Life is short and maybe none of us should be casting stones. At the very least, when I am tempted to pass judgment on someone, I'm going to remind myself of Rhett Butler's line in Gone With The Wind when he tells Scarlett O'Hara that he just doesn't give a damn. I'm thinking we should all just "not give a damn" more often, especially when the stakes aren't high or involve anyone we know.

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