How 'American' Are You? Let This Quiz Be The Judge.

Are you American, or American't? Wait, what?

When you see a survey proclaiming that a "majority of Americans" do this or that, how often does it accurately describe you? Sometimes, these findings are used to paint a picture of the "average American," a term tossed around in Fox News specials, presidential stump speeches and everywhere in between. But what does it actually mean, and are you one of them?

While no study or figure can truly define one's overall American-ness, we've cobbled together a short checklist of characteristics that describe the majority of the country's residents on a wide range of issues. Some are political, some are personal, some are flat out random. Take the quiz below and find out just how much you have in common with your fellow compatriots. Then, check the answer key at the bottom to find out how we got your score.

Find out what made you less American in the answer key!

Answer Key

Answer Key - How "American" Are You?

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