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The Truth About How Apples Grow Will Make You Truly Appreciate That Next Slice Of Pie

If left up to nature, we wouldn't have any edible apples.

Nature would have us believe that if you plant an apple seed in the ground, water it and give it time to grow, you would end up with a big, beautiful tree and the promise of many delicious apples. This is not so -- at least not with apple trees. Planting the seeds found inside an apple will turn into a tree, but it won't grow apples that anyone wants to eat. Apples, it turns out, are a little more complicated than you'd think.

Each seed found inside an apple is genetically unique and can grow a completely different apple from the one it came from. Empire apple seeds will not grow Empire trees, but a host of completely different apple trees. So how do we get the same apples we love year after year? The wonderful folks at How Does It Grow?, who previously showed us the weird world of mushrooms and the gorgeous harvesting of cranberries, answered that very question for us in the video above. Watch and learn.

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