How Are We Going to Survive The Despair?

I can’t stop thinking about the parents of the children that died in Syria this week. How are they are bearing the depth of their despair?--this truly must be the darkest place they have ever been in their life.

There was a similar tragedy in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996. A gunman burst into an elementary school and killed sixteen children and their teacher. One of the female students that survived said it was like being in the line of fire and that when the gunman starting firing shots in the classroom, her first thought was, “how am I going to survive and not die”.

That observation is emblematic for all of us when we find ourselves confronted with danger or deep despair. How are we going to survive and not die from the grief, the despondency, the pain, and the hopelessness we sometimes feel in our lives?

But, the truth is: we will survive, because we are benevolently hardwired to overcome our despair and unhappiness. Our true nature is to move in the direction of light, hope, goodness, and the living. And as much as we are witnessing extreme hate and indifference right now for those who have caused this tragedy, we are also oddly capable of deep love and healing.

Our universe is demanding much of us right now. Problems are begging to be solved. People want to be understood, free, and healed. And evil stands out more that ever. Human evolution is moving at laser speed. But also, and more than ever, love is knocking on our door wanting to be let in.

Tragedy will continue to do its job. It will nudge, provoke, bring us to our knees, and stretch us until we think we just can't take anymore. But we will take it. Because that's what we do. That's how we make meaning. That's how we learn to love.

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