How Are You Showing Up?

(Photo credit: Angel Brandner)


What a ride this election cycle is and has been!

How're you holding up? How are you showing up?

Are you getting sucked up into the vortex of crazy or are you holding your own in the vibration of Love?

The amount of muscle it takes to hold the vibration of Love requires a lot of practice, and this time in our history is gifting us with ample opportunity for that.

The social networks have become a magnifying glass for the underbelly of unexamined anger, resentment and hate, along with the amplification of love, kindness, and compassion.

I've seen posts of puppies, inspirational videos of people's kindness, and gorgeous pictures of nature, as well as posts of crass quotes directed toward "the other" candidate/political party along with articles proving the "other side" to be wrong, and not kind comments.

I was reading a thread of comments after such a "political post", practicing non-attachment (even though I could feel my body tense up) when one comment made my heart sing.

Someone reminded us that in spite of where everyone stood politically, it was more important to remember our friendships and that we cared about each other.

Breath of fresh air. Reminder of Love. Sigh of relief.

This person's comment was like the occasional flower I see breaking through the concrete in a sidewalk.

Unexpected. Seeming fragile. Yet beautiful and beyond powerful.

I could feel the love behind this person's words as it broke through all the fear.

Once that flower of a comment was posted, the energy of the people shifted back to their hearts.

And it was beautiful.

Even if just for a moment.

And it was that moment that I remember. It shifted my energy and enabled me to shine my light a little brighter for the rest of the day.

Yes, this election cycle is quite the ride, and frankly, it excites me. I see the bigger picture unfolding in its perfection - old paradigms crumbling inspiring us to wake up, remember who we are, and to take the vibration of Love.

Beautiful and beyond powerful.

And what's going on now isn't necessarily going to end once November 9th comes around. What has been magnified throughout this campaign cycle, and even what hasn't been highlighted during this time, will still be here to be addressed.

And here's the good news. Those of you who've been practicing holding the vibration of Love will discover just how strong your muscles are and how you're able to hold even higher frequencies of Love!

And you'll find this out especially when you're on the social networks where you get to show up as the flower or the cement. Are you going to have the courage to interrupt a thread of low vibin' comments with one of Love or are you going join in and cement yourself in having to be right?

Are you going to choose to focus on all the good in the world, or are you going to get distracted by the illusion of what's wrong?

Are you going to make people's hearts sing or create tension?

Love or fear?

Which will you choose? What contribution will you be?

How are you showing up?