5 Excuses About Justin Bieber That I'm Just Not Buying

Justin Bieber seen at the World Premiere of Open Road's "Justin Bieber's Believe" presented by Teen Vogue and sponsored by Cl
Justin Bieber seen at the World Premiere of Open Road's "Justin Bieber's Believe" presented by Teen Vogue and sponsored by Clearasil, on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Open Road Films/AP Images)

I like to think that I'm an accepting person. I don't know celebrities personally, so I try not to pass judgment on the predicaments that they may find themselves in. The same goes for their fans. Some fans find solace in the "fandom" communities, and I'm not about to ruin that. It might be where they feel safe.

But I'm so tired of some fans defending everything that their "idols" do. It's annoying, disappointing and sometimes disgusting. You can be a fan of someone without worshipping every decision that he's made.

Moving on, if you haven't heard about Justin Bieber's DUI incident by now, you are either living under a rock or do not have normal interaction with humans. Bieber has gotten himself in a bit of trouble. As a result, Beliebers have gone haywire. They've been rushing to defend their idol on social media websites like Twitter. The worst and best part is that they seem to be running out of excuses for their idol's behavior.

Here are some of arguments that are circulating:

1. "Everyone makes mistakes. Don't act like you're perfect." Yeah, everyone does make mistakes. However, not everyone makes mistakes that threaten the lives of others. It's not like Bieber didn't know that drinking and driving is illegal. What if he got into a car accident and hurt himself? What if he hurt someone else? Would Beliebers still be rushing to his aid? Would it still be just a mistake if this reckless behavior cost Bieber his life, or took the life of someone else?

2. "You'll never understand what it's like to grow up in the spotlight. It must be the hardest thing ever." True, I don't understand what it's like growing up in the spotlight. I agree that Bieber has been the recipient of some undeserved hate throughout his career. This argument doesn't work because it's like the fallback excuse, the one that people use when they're out of options. If I drank at the age of 19 and then started driving, I'd be arrested. It doesn't matter if I was mad at my mom, or people were being mean to me at school. I still engaged in reckless behavior. It's the same with Bieber.

Maybe, just maybe, things would be different if the safety of others was not at stake. The fact of the matter is that Bieber did something dangerous and reckless, and someone could've been seriously injured. It's horrible that he's been through so much at a young age. Nevertheless, a horrible backstory doesn't excuse bad behavior. It just explains it.

3. "Justin was crying about his Beliebers. He's so worried that we're going to lose him." That's sad. Really, it is. But if Justin loves his Beliebers as much as they say, wouldn't he have thought about this before he committed the crime? I think that, if I had a fan base full of people who were counting on me and looking up to me, that I'd try as hard as I could to stay out of trouble. Don't you agree?

4. "The media is making this worse than it actually is." Um, no. I don't know where the obsession with blaming everything on the "big bad media" came from, but that's just not the case here. True, there may be some news outlets exaggerating the truth. But do you really think that all of the news outlets who reported on this event just picked up on a lie? CBS News, CNN and the Los Angeles Times are just some of the news outlets that feature stories on Bieber's arrest. All stories include sources such as police present at the crime. Why would any of these serious news outlets risk losing their credibility by featuring a phony story on Bieber? I hate to break it to you, but no one is that interested in Bieber. I mean, maybe some Beliebers are, but that's a little different.

5. "Justin was there for me, so I'm here for him." This argument is what makes me the most upset, but not at Beliebers. It makes me even more upset at Bieber. He's got all of these fans, some who have never met him and are still so loyal to him. Guys... you know that you can be a Belieber and still disagree with Justin's decisions, right? You don't have to hang on his every word and defend his every action just because he helped you. I'm not trying to stigmatize that aspect of this situation; I know that Justin has helped many people with their problems. But now, it's your time to help Justin out. If he's as good as you all say he is, then maybe he'll listen to what you have to say and get better..

I used to like Justin Bieber, but he's gone far down a dark path. Along his journey, he's lost the respect of many. Half of the world is so fed up with Justin, and has no problem telling him to get his act together. The Beliebers are the only ones who defend his actions, and that might be one of the reasons why this behavior continues. They're the ones who need to open their eyes and tell Bieber to get it together.

Maybe he'll listen.