People Are Sharing The Positive Impact Of Birth Control On Their Lives

Women and men on Twitter are sharing how birth control has made their lives better.

Planned Parenthood started the hashtag #BirthControlHelpedMe on June 18, raising awareness about the difference effective contraception can make in a person's life. The hashtag is part of a campaign, featuring erected billboards in Times Square.

Women shared how using birth control allowed them to complete their life goals, advance in their careers and enjoy their sex lives at times without the fear of unintended pregnancy.

#BirthControlHelpedMe (and still does) take control of my body, my choices, and keep my attention focused on my education and future! @PPFA

— Rachel (@racheldyer100) June 22, 2015

An estimated 1.5 million women use hormonal birth control solely for non-contraceptive benefits. Many women shared how birth control helped with various health problems, for example by regulating their periods and clearing up acne.

Men also weighed in to share how using contraception with their partners allowed them to choose if and when fatherhood was right for them.

The hashtag reminds us that birth control changes so many lives for the better -- and access is worth fighting for.

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