'How Blind People Use Instagram': Film Critic Tommy Edison On Taking iPhone Photos (VIDEO)


Tommy Edison, described by Gizmodo as the "positively radiant blind film critic," has created a YouTube clip, in which he describes his experience with taking iPhone snaps and using the popular photo-sharing app Instagram.

Edison has been sightless from birth, but the film critic and radio personality has never allowed his lack of eyesight to get in the way of living a full life.

Case in point: Last year, Edison created an uplifting YouTube video, in which he described the "best parts of being blind." Cheaper electricity bills and the ability to overlook race and superficial beauty were among the many ways Edison said he can celebrate what some may consider a limiting disability.

Now, Edison is showing the world that the joys of technology and social media are also not lost on him.

In this YouTube clip, entitled "How Blind People Use Instagram," he describes navigating around his iPhone and the pleasure he gets from taking photographs and transforming them in the social media app.

"It's just sort of fun for me," he says in the video, "I've never had a camera before."

But despite the novelty of it all, it seems that Edison may just have a knack for the social media tool.

As Gizmodo notes, his Instagram pictures "are as good as yours," his captions are "hilarious" and he even uses hashtags. (See his Instagram feed here.)

Though Edison's video is not new (it was first uploaded in June last year), it's been making a viral resurgence this week, with sites like Cult of Mac and picking up the clip. With Edison's lovable good humor and inspiring message saturating the video, we can understand why.

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