How Bloggers Went From "Media Darlings To Public Enemy No. 1"

It's hard to imagine, but at the time there was something magical about the blogging moment. The best bloggers could become almost instantly beloved cult media figures. They were, it seemed, self-actualized mavericks who'd thrown off (or never even taken on) the shackles of media-conglomerate overlords. They were gutsy, outspoken, fearless, funny -- the polar opposite of the MSM.

Fast-forward to 2008. A May 25 New York Times Magazine cover story about the hazards of oversharing titled "Blog-Post Confidential," by former Gawker blogger (circa 2006 to 2007) Emily Gould, inspires such vitriol that the Times shuts down the comments function on the online version of her piece after accruing hundreds of frequently vicious comments.

What the hell happened to the blogger as media-cultural hero?

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