How Blogging Builds Your Credibility With Readers and Potential Clients

A few years ago, I entered a popular health food store to purchase a jar of coconut oil. I needed the condiment to create a natural treatment for the cradle cap on my baby boy’s scalp.

But there was a problem.

The brand I usually bought was out of stock, and I didn’t have time to visit another store. I had to choose from the brands in front of me, and all had different price points.

Decisions. Decisions.

As I looked at each label, I noticed one jar bore the company name of a liquid soap I’ve used for quite some time. I wasn’t aware that this company also produced their own line of coconut oil.

But, since I had come to trust this brand through my experience with its line of soap, I chose its coconut oil over the other jars on the shelf, even though it cost a bit more.

Note how the familiarity and credibility that had already been established with one product from this company influenced me to choose them over the other brands nearby.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or are exclusively online, your website is often the first and maybe only place potential clients can go to get to know who you are and what you offer. Many consumers today conduct research about a company online long before making a purchase. You have to convince them, likely without ever meeting face-to-face, that you’re someone they can trust to solve their problems.

That’s where blogging comes in.

Blogging helps position you as someone who knows what you’re talking about. It’s a platform that allows you to showcase your expertise, which, overtime, moves readers to trust you as the person to call when in need.

It’s a powerful tool.

More than 61 percent of blog readers in the U.S. have bought something based on recommendations from blogs, according to digital media company, BlogHer. When you’re an authority, when you’ve established credibility, your advice alone can be all it takes to encourage someone to buy from you.

Take Oprah Winfrey for example.

Whatever the media queen endorses, it turns to gold. Any product, service, or author featured on any of her platforms has seen an exponential surge in sales.

Natural haircare line founder Lisa Price experienced this firsthand back in 2002 after featuring Carol’s Daughter on a segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Before Oprah, the Carol’s Daughter website received around 200 clicks a month and the company made about $2 million a year. But once on Oprah, those 200 hits soared to 17,000 in just 10 seconds, crashing the site; and that $2 mill a year jumped to $20 million and beyond.

Talk about credibility.

Oprah’s influence is so vast and so strong that there’s even a name for it: The Oprah Effect.

Now, will your authority reach Oprah status? While that would be awesome, I can’t say either way. BUT, it is definitely possible for you to have an Oprah-like Effect of your own--with your specific audience and topic.

That’s why it’s vital that you deliver updated content that readers value, that answers their most common questions, to help them feel a connection with you, to help them trust you, and ultimately feel at ease about exchanging with you their hard-earned cash.

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