How Blue Hair Dye Is Helping This Grandma Age Gracefully

Gray hair may be a hot new trend with the younger generation, but one gray-haired 85-year-old is running to stock up on blue hair dye instead. 

Anne Bernays, a writer and great-grandmother, ditched her silver locks for an all-over blue wash around the time her first great-grandchild was born, she told NPR in their series, "The Changing Lives of Women." "I feel like I'm still a teenager," Bernays said. "I just thought, 'What the hell, why not?'"

And it's no cotton-candy, baby-blue color we're talking about. It's an "eye-stabbing, punk-kid blue," she says. 

The bright hue of her hair is something she's using to challenge society's prejudices against older people and the notion that youth is the only form of beauty. "Young people sparkle like diamonds, old folks are invisible -- except, as I discovered, if you have bright blue hair," she said. 

Bernays said she's been surprised by people's reactions to her daring hair. She's received smiles and handshakes from strangers, apparently in reaction to her brave decision to do the unexpected. It's her way of "protesting the passage of my own time here." 

We think she looks absolutely stunning, don't you? Sort of reminds us of Dame Helen Mirren's beautiful pink hair from a few years back. 

More power to you, Anne!

Head over to NPR to hear Anne's full interview. 

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