'How Booze Built America': Mike Rowe Explores Puritan Love Of Beer (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

In "How Booze Built America," Mike Rowe explores ... well, how booze built America. The new Discovery Channel series sees the "Dirty Jobs" star discuss alcohol's influence on American life as he travels across the country.

In the exclusive clip above, Rowe tackles the Puritans' -- as he referred to them -- love of beer. Back in the 1600s, it was safer to drink beer than water, Rowe explains.

"On the Mayflower, they packed enough beer for every man, woman and child to drink a gallon a day," Rowe says. "And they still ran out."

Rowe's "How Booze Built America" premieres Wed., Sept. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Editor's Note: From a purely historical perspective, the passengers on the Mayflower were not Puritans, but came from a mix of backgrounds and are known as Pilgrims.