How breeding like rabbits affects workplace culture.

How breeding like rabbits affects workplace culture.
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As a warrior of the corporate world, l learnt fast. The mind is everything. What you think you become. Lean in and look within organizations. Apply the lens of above and below line thinking. Embrace it as an opportunity to lead cultures out of a blame environment.

On the field of battle, when immersed in playing below the line, people often deflect attention from the real issue by pointing the finger and looking to blame others. It is so easy to sink into the hollows of blame, excuses and denial. It breeds like rabbits, stains the fabric of the organization and runs rapid wild through tapestry of the environment. The ripples of an infectious culture become the benchmark and people struggle to detangle the web.

When there is a shift in our thinking, we consciously choose to live in place of responsibility. Everyone takes responsibility for their actions and behaviors. Leaders live and breathe the principles of ownership and accountability. A shift in culture unfolds. It fosters and nurtures a positive and supportive environment. Is that not where we want to play?

Is that not where we want to experience the power of our choices and the execution of ideas? Does it not create accountability at all levels within an organization? Imagine if that was the environment we created. Perhaps it time to look in the mirror. You want to change your life, you want to transform your world – lean in!


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