How Bridge Beliefs Guide You to Act As If (and Accelerate Your Manifestation)

"The feeling is the prayer." Gregg Braden

“Fake it until you become it.” Amy Cuddy

“If you want a quality, act as if you already have it.” William James

Gregg Braden, scientist and spiritual researcher, has met with Tibetan monks, doctors in a medicineless Chinese hospital, and shaman in the United States. They were all able to bring about seeming miracles, or outcomes that most of us would believe are miraculous - that they aren’t a normal occurrence. When Gregg inquired as to how they brought these about, the answer was always the same: they got into the feeling place of the situation already having occurred. The situation they desired to change was just one possibility and the outcome they desired was just a different and equally likely possibility that they tapped into.

<strong>Tap Into Your Power</strong>
Tap Into Your Power

If you are having trouble getting into the feeling place of already having received what you desire (you know, acting AS IF), try using bridge beliefs. I use them, and my clients use them, and they’re powerful aides to guiding your belief momentum in the direction you desire.

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. And what you keep thinking is what you are living.

When you want to change a belief, especially one that has some good momentum around it, it helps to take baby steps in changing the belief.

1. Acknowledge your current belief (what you are currently living) and your desired belief (what you’d rather be living).

2. Start with your current belief (again, what you are currently living.)

Try not to place any judgment on it. It's just one possibility of an infinite number of possibilities.

You are now choosing to access a different possibility (not a better possibility or a worse possibility. A *different* possibility).

3. From this place, create a statement that feels just a smidge better than your current belief.

Can you energetically get behind this new statement? Are you able to acknowledge somewhere in your life that you are already experiencing it? It may not be exactly how you want it to look, but do you get the feeling of it?

You’ll know you can get behind it (or are aligned with it) if the statement gives you a sense of relief and/or empowerment.

4. If this is the case, create a statement that feels just a smidge better than that.

Again, can you get behind this new feeling, new belief, energetically?

5. Keep using this process until you get to your desired belief.

Then, repeat that new belief in your mind, spoken word, and heart. When you repeat in the heart, you are activating the feeling place of already living it.

This is prayer. This is the “ask” part of ask and it is given. It may feel as though you are faking it, because your physical senses have not yet caught up. Don’t allow that to deter you. Keep in the feeling place of it. This is your power.

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