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How Buying A Used Car Could Put You at Risk for a Car Accident

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Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Each year millions of car crashes happen which could lead to serious injuries, trauma or worst death. While road conditions can play a large part in car accidents there are also many car accidents that occur due to the defects within the car being driven.

In 2014 it was announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that they had received its highest number of vehicle recalls in more than three decades.

Many Americans began to panic; however, the vast majority of recalls were from older models that manufacturers had recently identified new problems on versus new cars with new problems. Regardless, the high number of car recalls have left many wondering could their cars could be in danger.

Each day car lots are full of people looking for the greatest bargain on the newest car. With the current economic climate there are many people who are just unable to afford the luxury car of their dreams. Because of this many people resort to buying a practically new car from a local used car lot. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing from a used car lot it is important to remember that the car has been used at some point in time by another driver.

Because of this increase in car recalls but in car accidents due to faulty issues with several cars Consumer Reports Car Buying Guide released a used car safety guideline checklist that can be used while in the market for a used car. A few of these items include:

•Check out the body of the car and make sure there are no signs that this car has been in a car accident
•Check windows and mirrors for damage
•Check tires for wear and tear
•Check the suspension on the car. If it appears to be bad you may be in danger of having to pay a hefty charge for repairing suspension later.

Regardless of these checklist items it is still important to note that sometimes it does not matter how well you inspect your used car you cannot escape the inevitable. In most cases used car lots sell cars exactly how they received them leaving you mostly accountable for any fees you have to pay later. At the same token if you are injured in a car accident because of safety defects you may be able to make a case out of it.

Know your rights and do your research before purchasing a used car. It could be a decision that could change your life, forever.