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How Can a Personal Trainer Boost Your Workouts?

If you're starting a new exercise routine, the support of a trainer can bolster your commitment to your workout routine.
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If you're starting a new exercise routine, the support of a trainer can bolster your commitment to your workout routine.

Many people have trouble honestly reflecting on their personal level of fitness, their success or failure and if their fitness program is working. A personal trainer's job isn't to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to become a more fit, and overall healthier person. A talented personal trainer can use this type of honesty to motivate you and help you to achieve your potential. There are personal trainers with every level of training and experience. So we need to choose wisely. The American College of Sports Medicine has a helpful brochure on how to choose and use a personal trainer. The American Council on Exercise also had some good advice. To make sure your trainer has a reputable certification, look for one of these.

Here are several reasons why to seriously consider this option:

Specialized Training and Experience

A personal trainer is someone who has specialized education, training and experience in anatomy, physiology, human performance, and often nutrition and lifestyle education. Their task is to improve the physical health and fitness knowledge of their clients. Regardless of how experienced you are in athletics or how happy you might be with your current level of fitness, a personal trainer can provide a lot of benefit. Remember also that every professional athlete will utilize personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches both during the season and in the off-season. Although they are professional athletes, they realize the benefits a personal trainer will bring to their fitness.

Inspires Variety and New Goals

Most people who exercise have a limited repertoire of exercises to choose from. A personal trainer can expose you to new exercises, order of exercise and techniques to help enhance your fitness. A trainer can also help you to create new goals you may have never considered and ensure your exercise program is safe and appropriate given your age, experience and goals. They may also have great contacts such as massage therapists, yoga instructors or sports medicine physicians if you ever find the need.

The Value of Commitment & Accountability

For people who have trouble sticking with exercise or find themselves falling off the exercise wagon, both a financial commitment and an interpersonal sense of accountability with a trainer can be powerful motivators. Ornish Program participants have shared that paying for a trainer's time, knowledge and experience propelled their workouts week and after week with a strong dose of confidence and support. Likewise, once someone has developed a rapport with their trainer, an enduring sense of accountability becomes the most meaningful catalyst. I recommend that you find the best trainer for your personal health and wellness. You only have one body to live in, so you might as well make it a fit one.

What has been your experience using a personal trainer or what has held you back from using a personal trainer?

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