How can I Spring Forward When My Mind is Still in Winter?

How can I Spring Forward When My Mind is Still in Winter?
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Spring is coming and it’s time to think about shedding our heavy, cumbersome clothes and change to lighter and less constricting attire. And we can apply the same concept to our mindsets, drop the old, unsuitable thought patterns and adopt new ones that are more appropriate for our current and upcoming conditions.

Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it. Anonymous

But how? Change can be painful. That’s why we sometimes hold onto ideas, habits, people, jobs and even a business that no longer serve us, if they ever did. How do we distinguish between visionary committed determination and stubborn resistance and fear of change? This is a question that ultimately you have to answer yourself, but here are a few points to help you clarify the situation:

1. Why are you holding onto the idea/person/habit?

2. What is your hoped for outcome?

3. What is the probability of your desired result happening?

4. How long will it take before your desired outcome will materialize?

5. Are you prepared to pay the emotional, financial, spiritual and physical price for your wish to come true?

6. What are the up and downsides to achieving the result?

Review the questions, answer them honestly and write down your responses without judgment. Look at your answers and analyze them as if you were reviewing your best friend’s list. After all you should be your own best friend, looking out for your highest interests with compassion and clarity. Reflect on what you have written down. Is the choice clearer for you now?

If it is a major life changing issue, you may wish to set your responses aside and come back to it in a little while or the next day or more. Sometimes we are deeply attached to a particular image or outcome and that clouds our mind and judgment. We may make excuses and reasons to justify why we wish to continue to hold the belief/situation that is not truly serving us.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better. -Georg C. Lichtenberg

Spring is when the earth renews itself, after the inward and dark time of winter, nature springs forth energized, and ready to absorb the growing daylight and nourishment to grow and flourish. May this be your case too, reflect on the past few months or years, what are you ready to shed, learn from and move on? It’s your choice, your happiness choice.

They always say times changes things, but you actually have to change yourself – Andy Warhol

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