How can plastic bottles save the world?

How can plastic bottles save the world? Everyday we go to our taps or local shop and easily have access to clean drinking water, but this isn't the case for everybody. In poorer countries it is a real struggle to get clean water, walking for hours to get water that we wouldn't even wash our car with! So many diseases can be spread because of this unclean water. But, can plastic bottles be the solution? Kevin McGuigan tells us that yes, plastic bottles are the solution, in his TedTalk. By filling up see-through, plastic bottles with the unclean water (that people in poor areas usually drink) and leaving those bottles out in the sun for a minimum of 6 hours, you are cleaning the water. The UV rays from the sun kill the bugs and bacteria in the water. So this means that instead of plastic bottles lying around on the ground, they can be used to help save the world!