How Can Solopreneurs Succeed?

There is a myth in the startup eco-system that solopreneurs do not succeed.

This is a MYTH.

Watch this inspiring 1 minute 6 second video of how Sean Broihier navigated his journey:

If you prefer to read instead of watching a video, read these three interviews:

Doing $5 Million A Year With Three Employees: FineArtAmerica CEO Sean Broihier

The Story of a $9M Lifestyle Business: Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore

From Solo Entrepreneur to $65 Million in Revenue: Brazilian Entrepreneur Daniel Scandian, CEO of Madeira Madeira

We also had Kean as a guest at our roundtable. Here is the video of that session:

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, whether you do it as a solopreneur, or with a co-founder. 

Even if you end up with 423 employees later, you still have to start alone, or perhaps with just another colleague.

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