How can we help individuals faced with financial insecurity in these uncertain times?

How can we help individuals faced with financial insecurity in these uncertain times?
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A report that a man in Southern California shot his 3 kids, wife, mother in law and himself today was a shock. Apparently, he was financially distraught and had been jobless for months, and had written about his choices in facing this challenge. His psychosis resulted in killing his entire family as perhaps the most honorable escape. Personally, this story shook me given that I could relate culturally to the man - Karthik Rajaram - and his Indian family: married with 3 children, one son a Fulbright Scholar at UCLA. He had an MBA and had worked for well known firms.

This report follows last weeks about a 90 year old woman who shot herself when threatened to be thrown out of her foreclosed home. It comes at the end of a day where world markets continued to tumble, and the Dow Jones closed at below 10,000.

The reality, I fear, is that we are at the beginning of a financial correction which is going to affect the livelihoods and lives of people around the world. It is a time of real challenges, real adjustments, real fear.

I said a few weeks ago that: My Intent is to understand the ramifications of the macro economic realities, and support those who are facing difficulties in these uncertain times. As I read the headlines throughout the day, and hear more and more stories - some personal and some in the news - I really do feel that we, as communities and as individuals, need to support each other in whatever way we can.

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