How Can You Sound NFL Smart at a Party if You Know Nothing About the Game?

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Answer by Eugene Chen, 49er faithful since age 6

If you have ten minutes to study: Know the big picks. Jameis Winston was picked #1 by the Buccaneers, Marcus Mariota was picked #2 by the Titans after the Eagles, Browns, and Chargers failed to trade up, and Leonard Williams went to the Jets at #6 (!!). Know who your team selected in the first round and what gaps they fill on the depth chart.

If you have thirty minutes to study: Learn about the players with off-the-field issues that have been generating a lot of press, like Randy Gregory (failed a combine drug test, to the Cowboys at #60), La'el Collins (questioned by police on the murder of his ex-girlfriend, to the Cowboys undrafted), and Frank Clark (domestic violence arrest, to the Seahawks at #63). Read the scouting reports on Winston and Mariota. Know who your team selected in the second and third rounds.

If you have two hours to study: Learn about the rest of your team's picks. If people at the party follow other teams, read up on their first and second round selections. Then, learn about some of the more interesting first round selections: Brandon Scherff to the Redskins, Todd Gurley to the Rams, Shaq Thompson to the Panthers, and Malcom Brown to the Patriots. The trend this year is offensive linemen being selected earlier than expected (Scherff #5, Flowers #9, Peat #13) and running backs being selected early as well (Gurley #10, Gordon #15). Are these positions being valued higher as a result of changes to offensive packages? Why might these teams have been willing to get less value for their draft picks? Are they in win-now or rebuilding mode? Did they lose key players at these positions? What risks are they taking by selecting these players?

At most parties this should be more than enough information for you to casually drop and seem like an NFL expert. Bonus points for being up to date on:

  • Deflategate: the Wells report, Kraft's response, Brady's response, the official Patriots' response, and the suspension. Four months in, this is still a developing story, so check up on it right before the party.

  • Your team's biggest games this season. How many games do you realistically expect your team to win? Now add 2 or 3 to that number and argue for it.
  • Chip Kelly's unconventional moves this offseason (losing LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, picking up Tim Tebow, DeMarco Murray, Kiko Alonso, Sam Bradford). Remember that Kelly has control over all football decisions for the Eagles!
  • The [recent] owner vote on a rule change that would move extra points to the 15-yard line and move two-point conversions to the 1-yard line (They will remain on the 2-yard line).
  • Dante Fowler's torn ACL on the first day of rookie minicamp (out for the season).
  • Jerry Jones' plans to form the "greatest offensive line ever."
  • The Seahawks not wanting to pay Russell Wilson top dollar.
  • Johnny Manziel out of rehab. He's moved to the suburbs and teammates are saying he has changed for the better.
  • Ryan Tannehill's six-year,95 million extension with the Dolphins.
  • Ahmad Brooks being accused of sexual assault.
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