How Can You Succeed in the Food Business Today? - VIDEO

There has been a lot of focus lately on food, what we eat, how it’s grown and how it’s prepared, but there has been very little conversation about the business itself. Chefs and entrepreneurs are opening food businesses in cities all across the United States, from food trucks to high-end brick and mortar restaurants, and it’s getting harder and harder for many of these businesses to succeed or even just stay afloat as they face issues like rising labor costs and crowded markets.

One such culinary entrepreneur is Eric Silverstein of the Peached Tortilla in Austin, TX. He started his business selling asian-influenced tacos and sliders out of a food truck, and built the business into multiple trucks, a brick and mortar restaurant, catering company and event space. But, in the first year of running his food truck, he almost decided to throw in the towel because he found the traditional model for a food truck business to be broken and not sustainable. Now, even as he’s found success, he continues to navigate how to maintain and even grow that success in a demanding industry.

In this video, Eric discusses his journey from lawyer to chef, his thoughts on the current state of the culinary industry, and what chefs and restauranteurs will need to do in the future to stay successful.

***Video features some adult language***

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