How ChapStick Can (Ingeniously) Make Your Shoes Comfier

Walk on, ladies.
04/25/2017 04:34pm ET | Updated April 27, 2017

It’s time: You can officially bust out that cute pair of strappy shoes. But the higher the temps, the greater the blister risk, you know? That’s why we love this brilliant trick to protect your feet.


What you need: ChapStick (yep, like the kind you already have stashed in your purse).

What you do: Run it over any trouble spots. For example, the spot where that strap hugs your heel a little too tightly or the place where your toes pinch. (Just be sure to dab the ChapStick on your fingertips before applying if this is the same tube that will later touch your lips.)

Why this works: The ChapStick — also known as a skin protectant — creates a slippery surface so the shoe leather doesn’t catch on sweaty feet.

Walk on, ladies.