How Chelsea Clinton Saved The World

I don’t think enough ink has been spilled about Chelsea Clinton’s impressive, poised and powerfully persuasive speech at the Democratic National Convention last week in support of her mother. Chelsea has literally grown up before our eyes, from a shy, camera-avoiding teenager living bashfully in the White House, to the stunning, razor-sharp, and elegant young woman we see today. She is focused, prepared, a picture of feminism while also embracing her family and children. Everything one could hope for in a daughter, a prominent American, and a spokesperson for a Presidential candidate.

The fact that her life has not been without its challenges is obvious. The year 1998 comes to mind, when her father’s affairs became gossip and headline fodder, when he had to publicly testify and was very nearly impeached. Yet the Clintons pulled together, and ultimately survived this debacle. They have fought off challenges after challenges for years that would have tanked a family with less steel in their backbones.

At the exact same moment the DNC and Clinton Campaign gets hacked, likely by the Russians, which unbelievably Trump had publicly encouraged (sounds illegal to me), Chelsea’s poise, preparation, intelligence and devotion is something we can all be proud of, regardless of whether or not you support Mrs. Clinton.

And despite the fact that she and Ivanka Trump are best of friends, she is not afraid to publicly ask her friend how her father plans to support women and minorities, when there is nothing on his website about it, when he speaks so shockingly of women as “dogs,” and when his policies, despite his empty promises to the contrary, are full of hatred and divisiveness. Mr. Trump if elected would be in danger of taking us back fifty years, instead of leading us forward with grace and and dignity into the brilliant future.

When all is said and done, you can tell a lot about a person from their children and families. And while Mr. Trump is also a devoted family man, and has lovely children, look at his wife’s speech, which was plagiarized, and her fictitious college degree was exposed. Compare that to Mrs. Clinton’s spouse. Whatever your opinion of Bill Clinton, he has never in his life been accused of not completing college and law school, or plagiarizing a speech.

As the campaign continues, one can only hope that Mrs. Clinton and her staff will put Chelsea front and center to convince younger voters, undecideds, millennials, and others to stand up firmly for her mother. Mrs. Clinton may not be perfect, but she is a world of improvement over the unscrupulous, dangerous, emotionally temperamental, and mouthy Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton will lead us to peace, prosperity, and opportunity for all, or die trying. It is obvious how hard she works, and how laser focused is her intelligence. Mr. Trump could lead us to a very dangerous world one hesitates even to imagine.

Just look at how well her daughter turned out. Mrs. Clinton could do the same for us.

One hopes Chelsea will continue to grow and thrive in the public sphere, a political position for her is certainly feasible if that is her wish. All this from a young woman who just had a baby last month!

So if you are still thinking about Mrs. Clinton’s pantsuits, emails, and other peccadillos, stop for a moment and think about her daughter. They both get my vote.