How To Choose The Right Clothes Hangers

Are You Using The Right Hangers?

Any hanger can keep your clothes wrinkle-free, but some do better jobs than others with certain fabrics. In fact, you'll be surprised how much closet space you'll save with thinner hangers. It may seem inconsequential, but the right clothing hanger can mean the difference between a cluttered overpacked closet and an organized one that sustains the quality of your clothes.

Consider fabrics. The arms of a hanger can stretch out the shoulder areas on knit fabrics and delicate blouses. To avoid these "shoulder bumps", invest in a few hangers with padded arms or attach pieces of foam to an existing hanger.

Size matters. A wire hanger may collapse under the weight of an oversize winter jacket. While you could go for sturdy wooden hangers, they can get pricey. For a more affordable alternative, we love the thin flat velvet hangers; they save space, their fuzzy material makes it harder for clothes to slip off, and they are just as durable as wooden hangers without sacrificing style.

Folding vs. clipping. Although it may be easier to store your pants on hangers with clips, folding your pants in half over a hanger rod can save a lot of space. Plus, the hanger arms are open to store a suit jacket or your favorite shirt or sweater that you like to wear with those pants. Go the extra space-saving mile, and purchase a multi-rod pants hanger. For skirts and strapless dresses, hangers with clips may be the only option. However, keep in mind that those clips can leave dents in lighter fabrics like satin or cotton. To sidestep the issue, add a piece of thin flexible foam in between the clips and your clothing. Strips of wax paper will also work.

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