How ClutchPoints Is Revolutionizing The Way Sports Is Reported

How ClutchPoints Is Revolutionizing The Way Sports Is Reported
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The way sports are reported has yet to step into the 21 century. Everything is based on facts. Reporting just the facts takes away from what the spectacle is really all about. It's about the emotion in the crowd and the rising noise when a team is trying to tie the game with just three seconds to go. Modern sports coverage is unable to cover a game from every single angle.

ClutchPoints is one live sports reporting and discussion app that's looking to change all that. It's giving people a 360-degree view of everything that's going on. Now you can really feel like you're at the game and you can share in the emotion of the occasion with your fellow fans.

With Rio 2016 in the books and the next season of the NFL preparing start, sports fans everywhere can follow the games as if you were actually there.

Feel the Game

Sports fans who can't make the game because they have to stay in the office are robbed of their experience by how sterile sports coverage is. Reading about LeBron scoring a basket is nothing compared to watching it from the front row. You get nothing but the facts. Try getting emotionally invested in that. You're not with your fellow fans and you're not experiencing the game for what it is.

ClutchPoints has stepped in to put an end to that. It's pushing forward sports to the frontier by allowing you to feel the game. You can be with your fellow fans and you can see the action from every angle.

All from One App

The ClutchPoints app brings together Reddit and real-time chat, so users can choose their topics and step into a conversation that's happening right there and then. Just search through a list of threads and jump in. Many fans saw the value of this at Rio 2016 when NBC saw their viewing figures plummet to 30 million because they decided to issue a one-hour time delay.

Fans switched off NBC and they found coverage elsewhere instead. Apps like ClutchPoints are there to step in when TV networks make monumentally bad decisions. Nothing can come between you and your sports.

The conversation is happening right as the news breaks, and it's coming from real people. If you need an emergency bathroom break in the middle of the NBA final or the Super Bowl, you never need to miss anything again.

Why Discussing the Game Has Changed?

There are already a lot of discussion apps on the market for sports fans who want to converse and discuss the latest happenings of that night's game. Some sports fans will even stick to online forums to talk to their fellow fans about what's going on.

This app is different because not only is it faster and more convenient than logging onto an online forum, it allows you to express yourself in whatever way you see fit. You can add images, memes, and any other piece of content you can think of to make a point.

With apps like this, a lot of people were able to enjoy Rio 2016 in the way they saw fit. Fans of the NFL are already looking forward to discussing their predictions for the first games of the new NFL season.

Why this App is the Key to Enjoying Sports in 2016

The reality is people don't have time to sit down and watch an NFL game. Many people don't have the time to take out three or four hours of their day. Young people are watching less TV than ever before. Instead, they're spending most of their time on their smartphones and tablets.

This is due to a change in work culture. The days where people would sit down at a specific time are long gone. They want to be able to experience a game wherever they like whenever they like. It's why on-demand TV products like Netflix have managed to have such a large amount of success in recent years.

ClutchPoints is here to help you find out what's going on with your favorite teams. For example, a huge number of fans couldn't sit down for the seven games of the Golden Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers NBA final last year. But with this app they were able to follow all the action.

What it allows you to do is pick and choose the coverage. You can enjoy 360-degree coverage you care about, so if you want to see the opposition coach scream at his players you can.


With everyone more mobile and more connected than ever before you'll never have to worry about missing out on your team's progress again.

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