How CNN Helps Spoil Our Elections

There are lots of pretty faces on that major news network, but not much thoughtfulness or insight for anyone following the race for the presidency.

It's not just the typical obsession with who's ahead and who's behind moment-to-moment, or the endless broadcasting of political goofs and wondering how they might "play." Or even the constant comparison of politics to sports in their metaphors.

CNN is a bullshit factory. It's kept repeating the lie that Sanders supporters threw chairs in Nevada even though that's been proven false and eye-witnesses have contradicted hosts like Chris Cuomo. Other hosts let the claim be repeated without debunking it. Likewise, I've seen Wolf Blitzer let politicians claim that Hillary Clinton was charged with breaking the law by having a private email server, which is not what the State Department's Inspector General reported.

Worse than that is the knee-jerk false equivalency response. This morning, reporter Joe Johns was discussing President Obama's comments about world leaders being "rattled"by some of the things Donald Trump has said:

"They're rattled by him and for good reason," Obama said. "Because a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what is required to keep America safe."

"They are surprised by (Trump), not sure how to take some of his pronouncements," the President added.

Within moments, Johns was saying that Clinton and Sanders had "also" changed positions on international issues.


But that wasn't the President's point in any way. When has Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders said anything as inflammatory as Trump's repeated avowal that we need to build a wall between ourselves and Mexico and make the Mexicans pay for it? And have any world leaders expressed dismay or even terror about Sanders or Clinton?

Despite that, Johns felt obliged to undercut what the President said--for whatever reason--and draw some kind of false balance between the GOP's presumptive nominee and Clinton and her rival. Even though it doesn't exist.

That's not reporting, that's regurgitating. It's sloppy and irresponsible, it spreads misinformation and erroneous portraits of candidates--but it's all too typical of CNN.

Lev Raphael is the author of The Vampyre of Gotham and 24 other books in genres from mystery to memoir that you can find on Amazon.