How Collaboration Makes You Amazing

How Collaboration Makes You Amazing
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There's a shift happening in the global market. We see competition as the old mindset, something that is becoming obsolete. It's time to create Amazing Companies as the standard, not the exception!

Engagement revolves around the people, their passions, and the purpose. It leads to a higher productivity level; the profits are a natural result and the company is able to have a greater positive impact.

Collaboration is taking over. Stronger value connections are forming with customers, as loyalty increases and customer evangelists want to see the success of the company. So-called competitors are sharing the market because they understand that they are there to serve their customers and the market and do not have fear that they will lose business by doing so.

1. Employees tend to become good friends in Amazing Companies. They are there for each other beyond the 8-5 work hours. They tend to bond by spending time together after hours, on the weekends, and on trips.


They fall in love with each other, get married, and their children also become friends. They also go to weddings and celebrate birthdays and big events.

As Jenn Lim, the cultural consultant for Zappos, says, "If you get the culture right, then the rest just falls into place."

2. The new paradigm shift is about supporting and giving back.
It's been shown time after time that when people work together in a collaborative environment, they achieve more than if there is a competitive driving force that is pitting them against each other.

3. Amazing Companies know that a collaborative business works well--it exists for the good of everyone. There is a definite energy that comes from employees who enjoy working together. This extends outwards beyond the walls of the company to their partners, affiliates, suppliers, and vendors, as relationships are treated with respect and caring for each other.

Even doing boring work, like filling out an excel sheet and crunching numbers (well, OK that might be exciting for some still) becomes significant and meaningful when the employee knows that he or she is contributing to making the world a better place in some way.

They stop being a cog in the machine and know that what they do makes a difference--they are able to contribute on a personal level to a company contributing on a much bigger level. This excites them to get up in the morning and come to work.

Leaders of all companies have a choice now. The choice is to try to hold onto the status quo... or to embrace a new mindset and an empowering way of doing business.

Employees are the heart and soul of a company. You take care of them and the company will thrive and grow. The clues and signs are everywhere and, even if not clearly stated, it is clearly lived and experienced.

Give them the opportunity to be the best that they can be and watch to see just how much the company will transform. It is, after all, the Age of Transformation. We're evolving... and this is a very good thing!

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