This Is How Colorblind People See The World

The condition often goes unnoticed in people who think they see things just like everyone else.

Ever considered the idea that your version of the color red isn’t someone else’s red?

As many as eight percent of men and .5 percent of women of Northern European descent have the common red-green form of colorblindness, according to the National Eye Institute. Many of them, however, don’t even know it.

The video above from Mind Warehouse walks viewers through testing, diagnosing and experiencing color blindness, which is actually an entire set of color vision anomolies that range from difficulty seeing red and green to seeing the world in nothing but black and white.

Clearly, people are curious about the way colorblind friends see the planet: The video has been viewed more than eight million times since it was published just two days ago, with upwards of 13,000 comments from viewers with both vision issues and average eyes alike.

Best of all, the video highlights a website where you can upload photos to test for yourself what colorblindness looks like. Watch above, and check it out!

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