How Committing To Celibacy Can Change Your Relationship

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Answers by DeVon Franklin, Producer of Miracles from Heaven & author of NY Times Bestselling book The Wait, on Quora.

Q: What can we learn from Miracles from Heaven?
A: We can learn that miracles are real. The interesting thing about the Beam family story is that they literally experienced a modern day miracle. Their daughter Annabel had an incurable stomach condition that was being treated for years and she was miraculously healed after falling headfirst inside a 90 ft tree. When you see the movie one of the biggest takeaways is that miracles are real however miracles don't always come in the form of a healing that Annabel experienced. Miracles can be acts of kindness, acts of love, acts of peace. The big take away from miracles from heaven is that miracles are all around us.


Q: How does committing to celibacy change your relationship with your partner?
A: It really changes it! For the better in my opinion because you get a chance to really see your partner clearly for who they are and determine if you like them or not. Sometimes sex can cloud your judgement and I believe sound judgement is one of the key things needed in a relationship. Also, as I practiced celibacy I got a chance to see if the person I was dating liked me for me, not liked me for what I could do in the bedroom.


Q: Why is it unpopular to be open about faith in Hollywood?
A: I haven't had the experience with being on popular because of my faith in Hollywood. Actually one of the most interesting interesting things about my journey is that I would argue are probably become more popular because of my faith. I believe that Hollywood is a place where so many people aren't free to be who they really are for fear of rejection. So when you have enough boldness to be who you are that actually finds more acceptance not rejection. And for me I really felt like being honest about my faith was the only way I could live & breathe with integrity in my career.


Q: What is the best way to get to know someone while dating without compromising your faith?
A: To always be aware of your commitments and convictions and to use this as the basis for how you get to know someone. For example, while I was dating and practicing celibacy (which was integral to my faith) I made a decision, I would get to know someone but on my terms. I wouldn't abandon my celibacy commitment even if it meant losing the person. Because no one person was worth me compromising my faith. So you have to be mindful of your convictions and date in a way that aligns with them. Hope that helps.

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