How Consciousness Solves The Puzzle Of Life


With so much knowledge floating around, you can easily lose the forest for the trees. Without a fundamental understanding of the big picture, the pieces can make very little sense and even seem absurd. This is true particularly in the case of spirituality. For example, the idea that God is everywhere makes no rational sense until you bring in the idea of the unified field in quantum physics, which explains that everything is the same one thing. Now suddenly the idea of something being everywhere and underlying all that is makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, society today has been so inundated with the pieces that it's easy to forget to take a step back and look at the big picture.

So what is the big picture? The big picture is actually at the very core of every single thing in our universe, including you and me. Modern physicists call it the unified field--or the source and essence of everything in our entire universe. From a physics perspective, the idea started with Albert Einstein, who realized that all the forces at work in the universe, such as gravity and electromagnetism, must be united by one overarching field from which all particles are birthed. Physicists are now calling this Consciousness--something the ancient Seers have known for centuries.

So if we believe in science, it follows that we have a very good reason to believe in what some people call God. It becomes a matter of definition. God is Consciousness; the one thing that is the essence of everything is also the creator and maintainer of our universe.

Reconfiguring the Puzzle
With jigsaw puzzles, it's hard to see the big picture until all the pieces come together. I suggest we explore the fundamental nature of existence first, so that we have a better idea what to do with all the pieces of life.

The big picture is the unified field, Consciousness, God, or whatever you choose to call that one thing that is the essence of everything and is the creator and maintainer of our universe. It's the state of your consciousness that determines your relationship with all the different pieces of the puzzle of life.

As you assemble a jigsaw puzzle, you begin to put little clusters of pieces together. As the clusters come together, we might discover that a cluster we had in the upper right hand corner belonged in the lower left corner. Perhaps another cluster was upside down. Our understanding of the different clusters is completed when we see how they fit into the big picture when the puzzle is fully assembled.

By changing your state of consciousness, you change your relationship with everything. The more you live your life with the understanding that your consciousness is the same Consciousness that underlies everything, you grow in the understanding that you're one with everything. So your relationship with all the different aspects of life is nothing other than your relationship with your Self. Understanding this allows you to relate to things differently, whether it be your work, relationship, family, finances, etc. You are no longer a cluster of some pieces of the puzzle, struggling to figure out your direction and how you fit into the big picture. Instead you are one with the big picture that puts everything together within you. Consciousness, your consciousness, underlies all things and brings them together into a unified whole. That's the big picture.

Separate fields of knowledge come together when we see this bigger picture. Even our understanding of a field of knowledge is transformed. For instance, in the field of psychology, people are basically viewed as flawed creatures who need to work towards aligning with some notion of who and what they're supposed to be. That's like peeling the petals of a rosebud back in order to make a blossom. It doesn't work. Once you understand that Consciousness is what underlies everything in existence and is also our essence, you realize that psychological health is about bringing that value out so that it permeates one's awareness. Only then can one live in harmony with all the pieces of the puzzle. Consciousness is like the sap of the rosebush that feeds the rose and facilitates its natural blossoming.

Knowledge of the mechanics of nature dwells within us because nature is the expression of that same Consciousness that we are. So instead of looking outside of ourselves to understand nature, we look within our own consciousness. It's there that all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

It's the picture on the front of the jigsaw puzzle box that gives us a glimpse of the big picture and a context. In the case of spirituality, that big picture has been lacking, which means that various fragments of spiritual knowledge don't really make sense. This leads to frustration and giving up on spirituality.

Instead, we must build our spiritual understanding upon a solid foundation. Consciousness being the underlying basis of existence is this foundation. But it's not enough to just read an article about it and then file it away in the back of our mind. We must sit with it and reflect upon it. As we work with the notion of Consciousness enough to where it makes sense deep inside of us, it becomes a solid foundation that builds an understanding of all aspects of life. Our understanding transforms from a house built on scaffolding to one built upon a rock solid foundation.

As we build our understanding based upon a firm foundation, the pieces of the puzzle of life will be understood in an entirely new way. The lack of understanding of some of the pieces will be discarded as the new understanding unfolds. The final result is an understanding of daily life where all the pieces of the puzzle come together.