How Corporations Can Use Phone Obsession When Engaging Millennial Employees

Millennials often get a bad rapport in the corporate world as being impatient, entitled, and unfocused. No matter what your thoughts are about the millennial generation, the fact is they are the next generation of people that will lead businesses into the future.

However, with a vastly different mindset than their younger counterparts, current leaders of corporations across the globe, for the most part, are doing what they can to help millennials feel happy and fulfilled in the workplace.

Accomplishing this is still a struggle.

So the question remains, how can corporations make their employees happier, more engaged, and dedicated to the company they work for?

In my recent exploration of this question, I found that there is one thing that almost every millennial has that corporations can use to measure, grow, and personalize the experience in the workplace for them.

Millennials Are Phone Obsessed. Here’s How To Use That To Your Company's Advantage

So, yes, to say that your future and current employees are obsessed with their phone is a bit of an understated fact. But with this knowledge, you as a company have the upper hand.

How so?

Well, smartphones are millennials personal devices and the one they prefer to digest content on, including education based content.

Stephen Shapiro is one of the top business consultants for major corporations like Marriott, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, and even the U.S. Air Force.

One of the biggest challenges that companies hire him to tackle is helping them to find a way to engage and educate their workers. Educating a generation of people with an attention span of a goldfish is not an easy task.

Shapiro says, “One big challenge with education is learner retention; busy people forget important content. And the best way to help reinforce messages is through some form of follow-up.”

Understanding this challenge of teaching and striving to create a better work environment, Shapiro set out to find a solution that allowed him to face the issue head on.

“When I wanted to build my 30-Day Innovation Challenge, I turned to ConveYour. The platform allowed me to create a month long competition that sends participants daily questions via email or text message, with follow-up videos. All of this is done in a gamified manner with points and a leaderboard.”

And the result?

“We’ve had as much as 95% participation for the entire 30 days with teams, with incredible feedback on it as a reinforcement tool.”

Just imagine 95% of your employees being highly engaged and interested in what you were teaching them.

Especially for a new employee, who is just getting integrated into your company, this first impression you’ll be making could have a large impact on their overall happiness and resolve to stick with your business.

The tool Shapiro mentioned called ConveYour was one of the first tools in a long time that after I personally reviewed how it worked actually had me excited about marketing again. Being of the millennial generation and being a marketer, ConveYour instantly struck a chord with me personally and professionally.

Dale Partridge Loves ConveYour Too
Dale Partridge Loves ConveYour Too

The way it works is unlike anything I had ever seen before and left me wondering why no one else had thought of this before.

With this tool, you can create and send personalized text messages including short videos, quizzes, and feedback based messages.

Imagine this:

Instead of giving a new employee something like a 7-day onboard process with workbooks and sit in meetings, you put them through a 14-day onboarding process with messages that are sent directly to their phone.

Things like videos from the CEO, challenge questions to see where they’re at in their learning process, personalized text messages with their name in it, and have them earn points for every mini lesson they complete, all of which is sent to the one device they’ve trained themselves to never ignore.

In speaking with ConveYour’s Co-Founder, Isaac Tolpin, I asked how and why his tool was able to get such huge results and why it’s been growing in popularity among many business and corporations.

“The digital training industry is plagued with low engagement and often the user experience of corporate training programs are the antithesis of the very cultures companies are trying to create. They must be engaging humanized experiences using the tools and communication methods we love in our everyday lives.”

In a time where the world is focusing on delivering better content to a mobile generation, it’s easy to see why a tool like ConveYour does so well when used to foster better learning experiences in the workplace.

By piggybacking on your employees’ set in stone phone obsession, you can take advantage of an instrument that can be utilized for building your company culture, retention, and company loyalty for years to come.

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